Kana フルミナレ
Romaji Fulminare
Japanese Furuminare
Origin Kingdom Hearts: In the Heart Of The Celestial Realm
Type Human
Role Main Protagonist/Player Character (you can control him in-game)
Age Biologically 19 (was in deep sleep in 500 years ago, stopped aging), Chronologically 8000's
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Home World The Celestial Realm
Other residences Land Of Departure/Destiny Islands/Twilight Town/Traverse Town
Weapon Dual Keyblades
Attribute Thunder (high priority), Earth, Light, Moon, Ice
Status Alive/Active
English Voice James Arnold Taylor
Japanese Voice ?

Fulminare (or Fulmen in US/EU versions) is the Keyblade Knight, the OC (CarlFernandez or CPanda8) He is the one of the five main protagonists of the series.

His name is derived from Latin "Thunder".


His age is on 20s but mature like Terra's. Fulmen seems to have green pants and blue clothing. But his design will be loosely be based on Takemoto Arashi's police outfit, meaning he is the military Keyblade Master. He seems to have sideburns and a very little facial chin hair on his chin, albeit seinen (if not biseinen) type. He seems to have well built/muscular body similar to Laxus from Fairy Tail, Snow Viliers from FFXIII and Fortuneteller Aced (he is somewheat well-muscular). His hairstyle seems to be in dark blue and cream blonde, meaning color of thunder. He has blue eyes though. In ITHOTC Phase 2, after hundred years, PTITHOTC, his age is 16, yet he has build like Riku's. He has some world forms. In Nightmare Before Christmas, his form is a furry demon wihout clothes, with clean cut and content, to safely fit E10, just like the Avenger's form in DNF/DFO. In Atlantica, his form resembles a merman like Rikuo or Aulbath's. In Monster's Inc world, his body seems to have brown/tan fur, complete with ears and horns, but his face is similar to Sora's but body similar to Johnny Worrington's and Sulley's, he retains muscular body and he has no pants like Sora's (however, the content is clean for young audiences whatsoever), his design in Monsters Inc. world is similar to Bular's and Gunmar's and Aaarrrgghh's from Trollhunters; he may be the scariest and spookiest monster to scare away Lumina and Hardscrabble.


Fulmen is the stoic and serious man. He seems to be cold and protective towards Sanguia as her situation torwards him becomes confused. He seems to be kind-hearted towards friends who he like them. He may be extremely overprotective torwards Sanguia. He is very protective and vindictive towards her and Umbrae. He is hostile towards the ruthless Sinecor. He seems loyal to Reptillus Maximus, Hardscrabble, and Yen Sid wherever he travels to Disney worlds. Unlike the keyblade master Lumina who is a strict teacher, he is a tough but a fair one.


Fulment wields the two keyblades at once, one that is the bulkiest and near indestructible and another one that is the heaviest, although he is slower but more powerful than Terra's. He uses his thunder, moon, ice and earth based physical attacks like Shining Blades, Stun Cleaver, Thunder Freeze, Moon Slash, Earthshaker. His awakening command abilities are mostly physical. His slowest movement speed makes him up for the ultimate tank and he follows the four of them from behind. He can protect the Glass Cannon keybladers like Lumina or Sanguia, acting himself as the Glacier.

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