Frontenac-class Corvette
Name Frontenac-class Corvette
Origins Star Wars
Class Corvette
Length 150 m
Mass 12000 tonnes
Engine 2 Nuclear Fusion Engine Blocks
Shield Gen. Level 1 Shield Generator
Hull 50cm Laminated Gummi-block hull
Sensor Radar
Navigation NAV Computer
Target COMDEX-G1 Fire Control System
Counter Measures Auto-Flak Cannon System
Armament 2x 76-mm Cannon

4x 40-mm Bofors Cannon

Crew 165
Skeleton 46
Consumables 3 months
First Use 134 BDC (23238 EUC)
Role Battlecruiser
Story Kingdom Hearts: Marche au Supplice
Affiliation Kingdom of Plantagenia

List of Frontenac-class Corvettes

RPNS Frontenac

RPNS Iberville

RPNS Villieu

RPNS La Fresnière

RPNS Thury


RPNS Baudoin

RPNS Troyes

RPNS Valrennes

RPNS Callières

RPNS Saint Castin


  • The Ship Names of this class are named after French Commanders who served during King William's War, the North American theater of the Nine Years' War/War of the Grand Coalition.
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