Friends in my Heart
(ミウチ オ ワガ ココロ)
Friends in my Heart
"A Keyblade which strengthens Alex's bond with her friends. It increases the damage dealt by Reaction Commands."
Strength Magic
6 1
Alexis LaReine
Reaction Boost
Return to Spellbound Ascension

Friends in my Heart is a Keyblade wielded by Alexis LaReine. It represents her strong bonds to Anthony DiNotte and Lily Marina.


The Keyblade is designed like a saber-esque sword, with the crossguard only covering one side. The crossguard is a curl of wind, while the teeth of the blade are made from a cyan-and-blue lily and a purple-black crescent moon. The Keychain is a heart with wings split down the middle; one half is purple with a black wing, while the other half is cyan with a blue wing.


  • If you wield Friends in my Heart before Alex's final battle with the Unknown, even though she'll wield her Kingdom Key Ω, it will still have the same stats as Friends in my Heart.
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