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This article is about the Avastar Keyblade. You may be looking for other uses of the weapon.
Fresh Breeze
(フレッシュブリーズ Furesshu Burīzu)
Fresh Breeze (AKH)
"A Keyblade once owned by a master."
Strength Magic
+6 +4
Owen Stevens
Defeat the Sora Sentiment, Ventus Sentiment, or the Roxas Sentiment

Fresh Breeze is an optional Keyblade wielded by Owen Stevens in Avastar: Kingdom Hearts. It is obtained after Owen defeats the Sora Sentiment, Ventus Sentiment, or the Roxas Sentiment. It is one of the strongest Keyblades Owen can wield in the game, rivaled only by Ultima Weapon and World Inversed +.


Fresh Breeze is a peculiar Keyblade, with the hilt and guard positioned off the shaft, rather than aligned with it. Due to its unique construction, Fresh Breeze is designed to be wielded in reverse. The shaft, head and teeth are dark gray and have golden seams engraved into them, three just above the guard and one curving around the base. The shaft itself is rounded and becomes thicker around the guard. The teeth vaguely resembles a bird wing, as well as the teeth of Two Become One, and the hilt and guard resembles that of the Kingdom Key. The Keyblade's name and Keychain (feathers wrapped around a gust of wind) are consistent with Ventus's "wind" theme.