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Françaix was the first of Kami's disciples to be exiled. He was originally known as Rafçain, an almost verlan-like spelling of his Nobody name.

Françaix had strong leadership qualities, which were initially seen by Kami as a welcome change. But when Françaix discovered that Kami was exploiting the works of his disciples for evil purposes, he began to rebel. Just as he had expected, he was thrown out of the group, but not after he had vowed to put an end to Kami's exploits.

He stayed in hiding for months, escaping any Dark Corridor opened by Kami or his disciples. When Françaix heard of the exploits of La Lutte Pour Presque Rien, and discovered that they were approaching Remnant Citadel, he decided to bring all the exiled members together and join them. He was especially delighted to meet Xaelus, who was an apprentice of Kami himself, and who knew of the exiled members' whereabouts.

Françaix ultimately regained his heart after immersing himself in the light, when Remnant Citadel was restored to its former glory.

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