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Quote of the Moment

"Until you are dead at my hands, Sora, my vengeance will never be complete. I will punish the rest of the universe for your cowardice to hide from me! Gods will bleed, skies will burn, kings will fall, cities of glass and steel will be annihilated, and all of humanity will at last be exterminated!"
Primoris Carmina, Kingdom Hearts III: Vengeance

LegoAlchemist You see... the other night, I had the weirdest dream. It was all dark, and there were these creatures... and, huh? -- Owen Stevens
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Our current quote archive (I added some for the heck of it):


"If you HAVE to do something, at least give your it your best, that's what I say"Hikari's "motivational" quote. (Kingdom hearts- Heartbeat Resonance)

"Even the brightest lights have their shadows, hurt my friends and I'll make you regret this"Hikari, Kingdom Hearts- Heartbeat Resonance

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"I never knew that I would be chosen to wield the Princess's keyblade and save Halaka from destruction."Kaira Thakur (Kingdom Hearts: Renaissance)

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"You're going to send them against that!? No, no, no. That's way too difficult for the three of them. I got two ideas: Either let me go with them so they'll actually succeed, or have me go on it alone and send Roxas, Axel and Xion on a different mission."—Mextoc (Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days; Fanon Edition)