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Welcome to the Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki forum! This forum can be used by members of this community to discuss topics related to their wiki.

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Hollow Bastion08:20, 30 July 2020AsheTheLoneWolfPup64
Submit your ideas on how to improve the wiki!
Total Nonsense13:05, 1 August 2019StarLightNova
Talk about Kingdom Hearts Fanon!
Help desk13:05, 1 August 2019StarLightNova
Have questions about the wiki? Right here's the place to ask them!
Vandal Breaker HQ13:04, 1 August 2019StarLightNova
Report vandalism and resolve conflicts between users here.
Keyblade GraveyardNever
These forums used to be full of power. On this barren board forums of light and darkness rest.

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