Origin Kingdom Hearts: Shadows of The Past
Type Kage-Shin
Gender Male
Alignment Eternal Dark Empire
Weapon Sword and Shield
Attribute Earth
Status Alive

Fortis is one of the newest generals chosen by Valdrann after his return, replacing the former, Karas. He is in charge of the Eternal Dark Empire's military forces and one of the best warriors.  


Fortis' entire form is concealed in a suit of armour with a blue cape, wielding a word and shield to greatly resemble a knight. Stands about 7ft and strong physical built under the armour.


Clearly devoted to the Shadow Emperor and was described as a powerful Kage-Shin who led the invasion of many worlds to expand the Shadow Emperor's domain, which earned his favor more then the others, clearly aware of their agendas, especially Maleficent upon her previous plots to overthrow him and find Kingdom Hearts for herself. Like all, Fortis is aware of the threat the Nephilem poses should he actually be found, but was interested in knowing how powerful this being would be that could (by doubt) slay the Emperor.


Shadows of the Past

He was not present at the first meeting after Valdrann's return, while Maleficent mocks of the new Acolyte's absent, the Shadow Emperor responded that he was sent away to deal with his enemies and building his army well; something of which Maleficent usually fails to do. However he made his appearance and bowed his emperor but was surprise by the pressence of the Sith Lord and General of the Galactic Empire, Darth Vader as a representative of his empire whom have formed an alliance with them.

Discussing the current events happening in the galaxy they have invaded, listening upon Maleficent's past nown as Organization XIII, gaining interest of the one named Sora the most along with Vader. Before leavinghe was left alone with the Shadow Emperor on a secret task, and a new assignment; to observe the sorceress on her actions. Well informed of the witch's attempt of trying to claim the throne herself and not so trustworthy. Agreed to his orders and sent spies to keep an eye on her every move.

The other is to launch an invasion force to a dimensional realm to search for a powerful and ancient magic.

Invasion of Magix


Due to obtaining the rank of an Acolyte, Fortis is considered very powerful to destroy a building with a single punch due to his enhanced strength, able to use his sword to cut through the hardest metel and block attacks with his shield, able to withstand assaults with his armoured body without leaving a dent. Fortis can access to the corridor of Darkness to travel through the barriers between worlds and dimensions, allowing him to open a portal to transport his army through the other side.


"By the will of the Shadow Emperor, I will serve him until I am cast into oblivion. No one, nor would the Keyblade wielders will survive."
"I sometimes question myself why his majesty would allow a treacherous crow like you back into his ranks after your feeble attempt to claim the throne? But I'm certain he has his reasons."
—Fortis to Maleficent.
"Your power from the Darkness is impressive Sith, even the parasitic worms who glutton on the wealth from the Empire fear you. Pity you were not a Kage-Shin, for the shadows would give limitless power to many. "
—Fortis with Darth Vader.

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