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Fort Bilocci
Origin Based on Real Life Location (Biloxi, Mississippi)
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Government City-World
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Formation 202 BDC (First Settled)
Dissolution N/A
Independence Date N/A
Annexation Date N/A
Stories Unsungverse

Kingdom Hearts: Marche au Supplice

Fort Bilocci is a world in Kingdom Hearts: Marche au Supplice. Located in Nouvelle Archelonia Province in Plantagenia near the Capital World of Saint-Alexandre , Fort Bilocci served as a focal point for the fleeing Loyalists during the Novaran-Archelonian War of Succession during its early stages. 

Points of Interest

Due to the small nature of the town itself, Fort Bilocci does not have any major tourist attractions. However one of the cities points of interest is the Fort Bilocci Tower and Courthouse, located at the south end of the city. Another major point is Iberville Army Base, and is partly the reason why Fort Bilocci was able to resist rebel forces immediately after the fall of Saint-Alexandre to the forces loyal to Prince Charles.


  • Fort Bilocci is based on the city of Biloxi, a major Gulf Coast Port City located in in Southern Mississippi. Fort Bilocci in fact was the name of the city while it was part of French Louisiana, and briefly served as the colonial Capital from 1720 to 1723 when it was moved to New Orleans.