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Forgotten Revolt
Name Forgotten Revolt
Members Thorn








Role Antagonists
Story Kingdom Hearts: Blooms of Chaos

The Forgotten Revolt (忘れ反乱, Wasure Hanran) is the name of Thorn's organization of deranged misfits, brought together by his lies and mind control. Most of the group is comprised of Raksum, some of which were under the influence of malevolent technology, while others were thinking that their leader's goals were in line with their own. The Forgotten Revolt's emblem is a black, iconic sun, with several triangular and curvilinear rays protruding from the center. There are eight triangular rays, each one representing a member of the organization.


The Forgotten Revolt was first conceived in the twisted mind of the replica, Edward Thorn. He decided that stealing memories for himself would be infinitely easier with a group of people, rather than just himself. Weaving an intricate web of lies, and perfecting a mind control system, Edward Thorn was able to gather seven other beings, most either under false pretenses of their leader having the same agenda as themselves, or under mind control. After his forces were gathered, Thorn took his newly created group to Castle Oblivion, where he began formulating his plan to take the memory-based fortress as his own, taking the replica one step closer to his ultimate goal.

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