Kana -
Origin Artemis Fowl series
Type Centaur
Role Ally
First seen Chapter III
Home world Earth
Occupation LEPrecon technician
Weapon(s) Technology
Inexistent Misadventure character

Foaly is a character in Inexistent Misadventure. He originates from the Artemis Fowl universe.

The genius behind the vast majority of the Fairy race's technology, it is mainly thanks to Foaly that the People remain undetected by humans. The only intellects comparable to his are those of the human Artemis Fowl II and the pixie Opal Koboi.

Foaly is a close friend of Captain Holly Short of the LEPRecon unit. Also, despite his outwardly off-hand manner, occasionally bordering on insolent, he is also greatly respectful of Commander Julius Root.


Sorceror Nobody, having been arrested by Holly and taken him to Police Plaza, piques Foaly's interest by virtue of being visible, but showing up (or rather, not showing up) on Foaly's wide array of sensors as being totally inexistent. Although Foaly is at a loss to explain exactly what the nonentity is, he certainly has a better idea than anyone else is likely to.

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