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Flynn master
Kana フレン (Furen)
Type Somebody
Role Keyblade Apprentice;
Keyblade Master
Home World Land of Departure
Weapon Keyblade
Attribute Light

Flynn is a Keyblade Apprentice, and later a Master, in Kingdom Hearts: Arcana. He serves under Master Nylen and is Yuri's best friend, though they do not show it much, whom he makes his first appearance with in Tales of Vesperia.


Kingdom Hearts: Arcana

Flynn first appears on the day Nathaniel Koroshiya and Flintlass arrive at the Land of Departure. Alongside Yuri, they open the doors to the Master's Castle and bring them in front of the Masters in the Throne Room. After Master Xien welcomes the two to the Land of Departure, he asks Flynn to bring them to their new home in the Chaser Settlement. Flynn obliges, waving goodbye to Yuri before leaving with the two new Chasers.

Years later, Flynn and Yuri take the Mark of Mastery exam, following Nathaniel and Flintlass's. The two pass, but while Flynn takes it upon himself to remain in the Land of Departure, Yuri decides to strike out on his own.



Flynn when first introduced.

Flynn is a young man with short, spiky blonde hair and blue-green eyes. Customary for an Apprentice under Nylen, he wears a light blue shirt with dark blue sleeves, with shoulder and arm guards. He wears dark pants, and below his knees he wears knight's greaves with pointed kneecaps. He has a brown belt with a gold buckle. On special occasions, he wears a navy blue cape with a dark red lining, with a cut out shape, making it seem like two parts.

Upon becoming a Master, his attire changes slightly. The greaves are extended to fully cover his legs. His arm guards have extended also, and now cover his entire arms and hands. In place of the shirt, he now wears a light blue and white tunic with a circle on his chest, one orange circle surrounded by eight others. The belt is now white with golden buckle and holes. His cape is now absent of the cutout.


Flynn, in contrast to Yuri, would rather solve the larger problem before the smaller ones. He has a similar sense of justice to Yuri, but would rather solve them through politics. His differences in ideology causes him to clash with Yuri, although the two are not really at odds with each other.


Flynn Scifo originally appears in Namco Bandai's Tales of Vesperia, as a member of the Imperial Knights. In its corresponding movie, Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike, Flynn and Yuri are members of the Nylen Corps.

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