Finch-class Frigate
Name Finch-class Frigate
Origins Paris-class Heavy Frigate
Line FFH
Class Heavy Frigate
Length 535m (1755.3 ft)
Width 199m (652.9 ft)
Height 112.3m (368.4 ft)
Mass 20000 tonnes
Engine 6 Ion Pulse Engines
Shield Gen. Level 4 Energy Shielding
Hull 60cm Laminated Gummi-Block Hull

45cm Titanium Battleplate

Sensor Radar
Navigation NAV Computer
Target COMDEX-G8 Fire Control System
Armament 1 Magnetic Accelerator Cannon

40 Quezacoatl-class Missile Pods (30 Missiles Per Pod)
12 50mm Point Defense Guns
5 Twin Defense Railgun Turrets

Complement Light Scout Vehicles

Scout Vehicles Troop Transports

Crew 270
Skeleton 90
Passengers 280
Capacity 550
Consumables 6 months
First Use 104 DC
Role Heavy Frigate
Story Kingdom Hearts: The Unsung War Trilogy
Affiliation Union of the Realm of Light

Known Finch-class Frigates

LUS Finch

LUS Iolite

LUS Paris

LUS Savannah

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