S Fick.png
Kana フイック
Type Spirit of The Pact
Role Major Ally
Age 16 (Physically)
180 (Chronologically)
Home World Sunset Horizons
Weapon Reich
Attribute Justice
"A being of purity born of righteousness. She fights for all the good in the world, rewarding those with those with strong convictions as her disciples, and doling out harsh judgement to the impure."

Fick is a non-player character in Kingdom Hearts: Amelioratory Benevolence. A being of mysterious origins, she makes her first appearance in the first Intermission, after the ending of the first arc, Our Penumbral Asylum.



Fick came into existence the day the War of Worlds' Hearts died. An unintentional side effect of the creation of the Pact, Fick was created from the fusion of the three souls that were sealed inside of the Pact. However, just as the souls were trapped inside, so is Fick. She may only be released when all three parts of the Pact are united, or when one of the parts is released from a Pact Wielder upon his or her death. Generally, this means that she has only materialized in times of crisis, but she has always been able to assist the Wielders with the extreme power she wields.


The war had ended. Peace had been achieved, and new worlds were already starting to form themselves out of the fragments of the destroyed. Though the souls of millions displaced by the war lingered in the sky, that night, only one person walked the face of the world. Fick, a newly created entity not yet aware of her immaculate conception nor her purpose, awoke to the sight of hundreds of dead in the barren desert.


Having the appearance of a teenager, Fick is the shortest of the main characters. She has straight cut, long black hair and square glasses with rounded edges. She wears a dark red business suit which includes a blazer and a skirt, with a white dress shirt and black tie underneath. Black tights and brown mary janes complete her look.


A being of a single righteous purpose, Fick is naturally strong-willed, straight-spoken, and lawful. Due to her great age and origin, she is wise about the events of the past, and is not afraid to confront her foes. However, the fact of her single existence often gives her a one-track mind, and leaves her socially awkward otherwise. She is claustrophobic and uncomfortable around large groups of people since she is very often alone (always so when residing in Sunset Horizons) .



  • Fick's reflected real-world nationality is German.
  • In non-canon games where a first name is required, Fick is given the first name Freiderike.
  • It is rumored that her suit was originally black, but turned red to reflect the bloodshed of the Great War once Fick saw the massive casualties.
  • In the eyes of the author, Fick is considered the main protagonist, though she is not playable.
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