Fever Roku!
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Fivaa Roku!
Developer(s) caramelangel714
Genre Boring, Fantasy, Early Childhood

Fever Roku! (フィヴァー六! Fivaa Roku!?) is a poorly-drawn fan series, created by Caramelangel714, when in middle school. Unfortunately, Fever Roku! is not fully colored, and is unfinished. Among to this progress, before Fever Pop is created, this is the older and rough drafted version of Fever Pop.


Roku turns out to be a 13-year-old boy with no courtesy of Pop'n Land. As Roku remembers what darkness coming in side of Mimi and Nyami, Roku then flees, but falls to a blank, black area. Roku meets a fairy Minit's, and sends him to Feverland, a fictional land where abnormal people live with magical attributes. He proceeds the school newly, as it turns out to be strange. Meanwhile Waka, an inventor, is possessed by the attribute of darkness, as it consumes him. Before that, Waka's creation failed, as it pulls into a havoc, but Roku forces himself to use wind abilities. Roku saves Waka from the dark element finally.

Another setting takes place, where Ron, the main antagonist of the story, Roki, Yuli, and Ash, live. Smile envies that he wants to flirt with Kikura, Roku's love attraction of his dreams, before he demolish Feverland.

Two clones revealed to be the opposites of Roku and Kikura, as they send the main characters falling down to another area, especially Roku's friends, Shinsuko, and the wacky allies, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, Yunta Hahaka, and Momo (MZD).

The next volume reveals an incomplete schedule that Roku and Waka are too late to save Kikura. The story can be utterly tragic.

Fever Pop

However, the story, characters, visualizations, and items are revamped by Caramel herself, because Fever Roku! reveals that the main links are bland and out of details.


Main Characters

Roku Yoshimiru
Waka Yonku
Chocolate Chip
Nitsu Yunta Hahaka
Nicknamed as "nits" by Roku.

Peanut Butter
Shinsuko Kazami
Kikura Haruno



Recurring Characters



  • There are few of the characters who make cameos for this:
    • A girl is almost similar to Kanoko from Pop'n Music 15 ADVENTURE. She is later revamped in Patisserie♥ Pretty Cure, as Cure Ginger.


First Look

Volume 1

Volume 2

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