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Felice Calandrino
Kana ハッピーカーラントりの
Origin Kingdom Hearts: Generations (mentioned)

Kingdom Hearts: The Komuro Chronicles

Original Name Felice Calandrino
Alias Ezio's Successor
Type Human
Role Assassin, Keyblade Grandmaster
Age 17 (Became Grandmaster)(later died of extreme old age)
Home World Roma
Family Juliet Calandrino-Barna (wife, deceased)

Augusto Calandrino (son, deceased) Takashi Komuro (incarnation)

Weapon Hidden Blade

Keyblade: Ultima Keeper

Attribute Light
Status Deceased
"I had lived a long and proud life as both an Assassin and a Keyblade Grandmaster but like all things in this world and others out there, my time will soon end. Once the Great Keyblade War is over, our hearts will scatter to multiple worlds unfamiliar so that one day they'll be reborn within a new body, give it our strength, and the will to wield the legendary Keyblade. I pray hoping for someone more worthy than me to carry on the legacy of the Assassin Order and someday find the answer to the one question I searched for in my entire life, what happened to the Keyblade Cathedral? Was it destroyed or lost somewhere within the worlds?" ---One of Felice's final entries from his journal

Felice Calandrino was once a member to the Twenty-Six Keys during the Great Keyblade War, a member to the Italian Brotherhood of Assassins, and the previous life of Takashi Komuro.


  • Felice's robes once belong to his predecessor Ezio Auditore.

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