Origin Codename: Kids Next Door
Original Name Father
Alias Benedict Uno
Type Human
Role Antagonist
Home World Sector V,Hollow Bastion
Family Grandfather,Monty Uno,Numbuh 1,Mrs.Uno
Weapon Fire,Heartless
Father is a major antagonist in the Kingdom EDs series. Father is a paternal figure who is an ultimate figure of authority and the archnemesis of the KND organization.His ultimate goal is to destroy the Kids Next Door so that adults can rule the world unopposed. Father's body is completely black, giving him a silhouette-like appearance with few other discernible features, the most notable being his bright yellow eyes.Unlike the other Cartoon Network villains, he plays a large part in the overall story rather than just in the world he came from.


Father decided to use his immense power of darkness to control the Heartless and build up a destructive force to aid him in his plans to conquer all worlds. Over time though, his darkness went beyond his control and the Heartless soon used it to manipulate his for their own ends.

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