Kana いんねん
Origin Kingdom Hearts: Foul Remembrance
Alias Dear Sister
Type Cat anthro
Role Protagonist
Age 24
Home World Graveyard of Dreams
Family Time and Life
Weapon Keyblade
Attribute Power over people's fates
Status Revived

Fate is a main and playable character from Kingdom Hearts: Foul Remembrance. She is one of The Sisters of Life and an old keyblade master.


Her fur is a very sandy shade of tan with lighter tan stripes going vertically down her whole body. Her hair is also tan and very messy and short. Her shirt is a gold strapless belly shirt with a forest green string holding it up from the top center. She wears a gold and pale/ dark green wrap skirt. Around her thigh and lower arms are golden bands.


She is quiet and proud with a good sense of justice. Of the main playable characters, Xerena, Amy Sorel, Terexala are the ones she dislikes the most. Her and Aqua get along very well and they do everything together. That might be because Aqua was the one who awoke her from her crystal sleep.


She seems to have no romantic life, but she has a few friends. Her, Aqua, Kairi, and Namine usually spend time together, probably because they're all Keybearers. She used to be very close to her other two sisters, Time and Life. But becuase they are now deceased, she dosn't talk about them much.


The Beginning

When the triplets were born into the village, The Beginning of Time, the docter saw great potential in the three. As they got older, they found out that they were Keybearers.


Her only weapons are keyblades.


  • Call of the Wild- starter
  • Beast of Underland- Underland
  • Sandy Waters- Destiny Islands


She utilizes in medium strength, medium speed physical attacks. She can also perform weak white magic.



  • "Did you really expect to win?" (Any friend battle)
  • "The beast was tamed." (Any boss)
  • "They couldn't have thought that they would win." (Any enemy)


  • "How... could I...?" (Any boss)
  • "I'm coming home sisters..." (Any enemy)
  • "This isn't happening..." (Any friend battle)


During Battle

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