Excalibur-class Guided Missile Cruiser
Name Excalibur-class Guided Missile Cruiser
Origins Halcyon-class Light Cruiser (Halo)
Line CG
Class Light Cruiser
Length 1170m (3800 ft)
Width 352m (1150 ft)
Height 414m (1360 ft)
Mass 74,000 tonnes
Engine 2 Large Nuclear Fusion Engine Cores

4 Small Nuclear Fusion Engine Cores

Other Propulsion 1 Translight Engine
Shield Gen. Level 2-class Energy Shielding
Hull 2m (6.6 ft) Laminated Gummi-block hull

2m (6.6 ft) Titanium-A Grade Battleplate

Sensor Radar


Navigation NAV Navigation Computer
Target COMDEX-G8
Counter Measures Emergency Thrusters
Armament 1 Magnetic Accelerator Cannon or 1 Heavy Ion Cannon

300 Quetzacoatl-class Missile Pods (26 Missiles Per Pod)
4 Shiva-class Multi-Purpose Burst Missile (can be fitted with a tactical nuclear warhead)
40 50-mm MLA Auto-cannon

Complement 1 Squadron of Fighters

15 Troop Transports
17 Main Battle Tanks
40 Scout Vehicles
63 Lifepods

Crew 1320
Skeleton 300
Passengers 920
Capacity 2240
Consumables 2 years
First Use 49 DC
Role Escort Ship


Story Kingdom Hearts: The Unsung War
Affiliation Union of the Realm of Light

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LUS Constantinople

LUS Durandal

LUS Cortana

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LUS Almacia

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LUS Cygnus

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LUS Halcyon

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LUS Karura

LUS Bennu

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