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Eternal Hearted
Eternal Hearted
Developer(s) KBR
Genre RPG
Game Modes Up to Two Player Co-Op

In this game, in the view of Jiminy Cricket's journal follows new Keyblade apprentices Jax and Danes. Both of them with different feels of fighting and attitude, which makes this game have a different kind of story.


7 months after Kingdom Hearts and Sora's 15th birthday creeps around the corner... The Mark of Mastery Exam takes the future of Sora and Riku a little closer. Also bringing Xenhort's return closer as well... But things take an unexpected turn when two new Keyblade wielders also need to compete. Jax and Danes are ready with heavy fire power, but who will come out on top? Sora, Riku, Jax or Danes?

Act One:

Chapter One:


At his 15th birthday party, Sora is surprisingly visited by Mickey. If the surprise visit wasn't enough, he ruins the party by mentioning how he's Ventus's succsesor. Escaping along with Riku, he makes it to nearby hangout only to find Mickey there.


"Terra, Aqua, Ventus!"
As if a magical spell was put over the load of guests, they all screamed those three names at once. Sora's party really took a turn for the worst when a suprise guest came.

"Of course, I knew you three felt familiar! You're they're succesors!" Well, basicly thats what they said, its hard to tell when they say it at the same time- Ooo! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Jiminy Cricket, you might know me from Pinocchico and my journal. But this time Her-majesty Queen Minnie, asked me for a good narritive. So here it goes!


  • Jiminy Cricket
  • Sora
  • Kairi
  • Riku
  • Danes
  • King Mickey
  • Yen Sid



  • Jax's Keyblade Undonex mean 'Death Wave' in Latin and Danes's Keyblades Pentru and Haos mean 'Order and Chaos' in Romainian.

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