Erieste Otsdarva
Alias The Lionheart
The Golden Lion
Type Human
Role Keyblade Master

Former Executive Officer of Task Force 108

Age 27 (CoaK)

42 (TUW)

Home World Unity Islands
Family Raven Otsdarva (son)

Charlotte Otsdarva (wife, deceased)

Weapon Keyblade (Golden Lion)


Attribute Light
Status Currently Unknown

Erieste Frederick Otsdarva is a character in the Unsungverse, appearing in Kingdom Hearts: The Unsung War Trilogy and in Kingdom Hearts: Confessions of a Knight. The father of Raven Otsdarva, he made a name for himself during the Lucidian War where he fought alongside Maximillian Thermidor and Reo Hamilton as one of the original members of Task Force 108, the unit his son now leads.


Erieste Otsdarva was born on July 27, 68 DC in the Unity Islands. He had a somewhat quiet life until he met with an independent Keyblade master at the age of 6. His name was Master Eraqus, then in his 30's. Seeing potential in the boy, he took Erieste to his world, the Land of Departure to shape him to be a model knight over the course of his 12 year training. This came at a time where the Union of the Realm of Light was under threat from both the Heartless Empire and the rapidly expanding Lucid Empire.

It was over his training that he met a female warrior from a faraway world, Charlotte Serna. Serna herself was a Keyblade Knight, an immigrant from the Kingdom of Sonne, whos family claims descent to the ancient peoples of the Eastern Realms. The two would eventually marry in 90 DC and would have a son, Raven in 91 DC.

The Lucidian War

Interim Period

The Unsung War

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