Master Eraqus.png
Kana マスターがああクースをエラーメッセージ (Masutā ga ā kūsu o erāmessēji)
Type Somebody
Role Keyblade Warrior turned Master
Home World Land of Departure
Weapon Keyblade (Master Keeper)
Attribute Earth
Status Alive

Eraqus is a Keyblade Warrior and character in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening.


Swarm of Chaos

During the Heartless swarm of the Land of Departure, Eraqus helps fend off the huge stampede of the things. When the fight dies down, he goes to search for his idol Master Axen, since his peers Xehanort and Ceodore Harvey were not to be found. He located Axen dying in the hands of Lexaln Siurt, and goes into a rage. The stress from the attack and his hero's death sends him into a frenzy of rage, and he banished Lexaln and his friends Dante Saxon and Occidere Way from the Land.

When they leave, Eraqus sadly begins to reconstruct the world, and locks it away from outsiders until it is fortified and restored to its former glory.


Eraqus, like his future student, Terra, bears a distinct Japanese influence in his choice of clothing. He wears a white, red lined haori that has a hood, along with slightly shorter than normal, light-colored hakama. Underneath his haori, he wears a navy blue shirt with a large white X pattern on the front. He also has jagged scars over his right eye and left cheek inflicted by Xehanort, much like the wounds Braig received from Terra.

Like his pupils, Eraqus wears pieces of armor, in his case gold and black armored boots and a dull blue-green section that covers his abdomen. This second piece of armor sports the same symbol worn by his students near the top. Eraqus's black hair is tied into a short, high topknot, with one bang falling off to the right side of his face. He also has a short, triangular soul patch and a mustache.


Eraqus is a strong Keyblade warrior. Stern and willing to instruct, one major goal he has in life appears to be preserving peace throughout the worlds.

Powers and Abilities


Eraqus is a very skilled Keyblade master, with a strong and swift fighting style.

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Eraqus' Keyblade is the same one he uses in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.


  • Master Eraqus physically resembles Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the Final Fantasy series.
  • Eraqus' name is an anagram of Square.

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