(ショーライ ショーセツ Shourai Shousetsu lit. "Future Story")
"A Keyblade that beckons for the future. It tacks on a random element and status to every hit."
Strength Magic
5 5
Anthony DiNotte
Effect Roulette
Finish scene with Cleo on Spellbound Ascension

Epilogue is a Keyblade obtained by Anthony DiNotte in Kingdom Hearts: Shadows of Eternity. It is his final "storyline" Keyblade.


Epilogue has a dual-theme of both wings and celestial bodies. The shaft of the blade is long, with one side being level; the other has a feathered-wing design. The teeth of the Epilogue are made of two stars and a crescent moon, while the crossguard is made of two angel wings. The Keychain is a Saturn Symbol with angel wings behind it.

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