Engine Oh
Engine Oh ~ High Octane Megazord
Origin Engine Sentai Go-Onger (2008)
Alias High Octane Megazord
Type Robot
Role Summon
Home World Machine World
Other residences Earth
Weapon Go-On Sword
Attribute Engine Soul
Status Alive
English Voice Khary Payton(Speedor),
Ari Boyland(Bus-on),
Wendee Lee(Bear-RV)
Japanese Voice Daisuke Namikawa(Speedor),
Hisao Egawa(Bus-on),
Miki Inoue(Bear-RV)
Engine Oh is the main giant robot of the Go-Ongers. The Engines who form it are sentient machines from the Machine World.


  • Speedor- Go-On Red's Engine partner #1, a condor / race car, who forms Engine Oh's head, arms, and chest.
  • Bus-on- Go-On Blue's Engine partner #2, a lion / bus, who forms Engine Oh's waist and legs.
  • Bear-RV- Go-On Yellow's Engine partner #3, a bear / RV, who forms Engine Oh's stomach and the V-Shield.

Engine Armament

  • Engine Oh Birca- Go-On Green's Engine partner #4, an orca / bike, can attach to Engine Oh's left arm.
  • Engine Oh Gunpherd- Go-On Black's Engine partner #5, a german shepherd / police car, can attach to Engine Oh's right arm.
  • Engine Oh G6- Combination of Engines 1-6, or Engine Oh and GunBir Oh.
  • Engine Oh G7- Combination of Engine Oh, Birca, Gunpherd, Toriptor, and Jetras.
  • Engine Oh G5- Combination of Engine Oh, Carrigator, and Jum-bowhale. Despite the name, it is actually at the same power level as Engine Oh G7.

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