End of Wars
(戦争の終わり Sensō no owari)
End of Wars
"A Keyblade that represents what has been accomplished, and what must be retained."
Strength Magic
+7 +6
Forged Pact

End of Wars is Vylinn's Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts: Amelioratory Benevolence. It formed itself from the Keyblader third of the Pact.


As a symbol and a personification of the pact itself, End of Wars incorporates the symbols of the Keybladers, the Heartless and the Nobodies into a single weapon. The Nobody symbol serves as the blade of the weapon, while the crown on the shaft is used primarily to catch enemy blows. However, it too can be used to attack. The Heartless symbol serves as the guard and grip. Due to this, the grip is unusual; a cross design as opposed to a straight grip. The spikes on the grip make this Keyblade uncomfortable to hold, but it serves as a reminder of the pain inflicted because of past wars. Its keychain is a peace symbol with the lines extending past the circle.

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