Emo Crys
Emo Crys
Kana エモ•クリス (Emo Kurisu)
Original Name Emo Crys
Alias Emo

The Heir of Space (title)

Type Human
Role Protagonist
Age 14
Home World Earth-China (birthplace), Sprawl City (currently)
Weapon Lunerfly (Twin katanas)
Attribute Caliber
Status Alive

Emo Crys is one of the official characters of Wild Grinders, and a fan spin-off, Techno Fantasy.



Emo Crys retrieves a dream that locates him in a darker area, as he looks down to a circular image. The circular image contains one of the 11 Galuken warriors, Koukami. After touching Koukami's image, he aciddently activated a portal that leads him to another blank dimension, but sees a small statue of Koukami's icon. Emo tries to grab the statue, but a surge of full energy nearly stuns him, before he wakes up in the morning.


Emo appears as a slightly pale-skinned boy with a simple black eye color with and almond-shaped eyes. He is shown having a black peakaboo haristyle, fitting for his "emo" personality. He wears a purple, black-striped shirt and light blue jeans. He also wears a gray scarf on his neck and gray shoes.


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