Emilio Largo
Origin Thunderball (1965)
Type Somebody
Role Villain
Home World James Bond Universe
Weapon Spear Gun, Pistol
Status Dead
Emilio Largo is a member of SPECTRE and the villain of Thunderball.


Emilio Largo is first seen attending a SPECTRE meeting in France. He explains he will hold the world for ransom of $280 million, 100 million pounds from the NATO with 2 atomic bombs. Count Lippe had given Angelo Palazzi a plastic makeover but fails to kill James Bond and Sora. Lippe wanted to silently shoot Kairi while she was in the shower but he was scared off instantly. After Palazzi completes his mission by first killing Francois Derval and stealing the Vulcan bomber, Largo executes him for demanding more money. Lippe is also executed by Fiona Volpe. Blofeld then sends his demands to the United Kingdom and the United States. After gambling with James Bond and Sora, Largo suggests sends Quist to kill the 2 in their hotel room. He fails and is fed to the sharks. At night, Sora, Donald, Goofy and Bond investigate the Disco Volante ship, They meet Largo the next day and he planned to meet them at a junkanoo. After Paula is captured, Bond and Sora try to escue them but she kills herself. While Sora and his group escape first, Bond meets them last after escaping the sharks. The same evening, Volpe captures them at gun point. The team escapes and fight Volpe on the street before a chase begins through the parade. At the Kiss Kiss club, Fiona Volpe tries to capture Bond again but Vargas accidentally shoots her when Bond uses her as a meat shield. The very morning, Sora's group warn Domino Derval of Largo's evil plans then kill Vargas. As the bombs are loaded, Largo discovers Domino's true colors, he is called away by Ladislav Kutze. After an undersea battle, Largo prepares to make his getaway when Sora and Bond intercept by boarding the cocoon Largo jettisoned. While Sora and James fight off Largo's men, they then fight Largo as the boat speeds up. Largo prepares to kill the 2 but Domino saves them by harpooning Largo in the back. He curses Domino for her attitude before dying. The team escapes with Kutze as the boat explodes. The team is then rescued by life boats.

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