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Prince Elmer From Kingdom Hearts: Forever (TK2 Fan Comic Series)

Prince Elmer Walter Mouse
 is the Prince of the Disney Castle and the Adoptive son of King Mickey in Kingdom Hearts: Forever. In that Fancomic,at 16 years of age, he and his mentor Oswald the Lucky Rabbit always encounter the Heartless Empire|Heartless, Organization XIII and the minorly mentioned Corp. which is part of the Umbra (UW)|Heartless Empire called "Phantom Blot Industries".

First Debut

He made a debut in the 1934 Mickey Mouse episode Mickey Plays Papa. But poor little Elmer was an infant abandoned at birth at Mickey's House in that episode.


  • Ostown = Baby
    Mickey Plays Papa Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Plays Papa Mickey Mouse

    This is exactly Elmer's Debut

  • Pride Lands = Rattle Snake
  • Mushroom Kingdom = Common Koopa
  • Neverland = Wearing a Giant Panda suit
  • Bikini Bottom = Lobster
  • Man Village = Chimpanzee
  • Monstropolis = Dragon
  • Sugar Rush = Gingerbread Man
  • Halloween Town = Vampire
  • Repunzel's Kingdom = Bluejay
  • Radiator Springs = Monster Truck
  • Atlantica = Lobster
  • mobius = Mobian Mouse

Voice Actor

Rob Paulsen, just like PJ, Son of Pete.


The Pistol Key.


Same as Vincent Valentine. Only without Monster Forms.

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