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"The Death of my parents haunts me..."- Elisa, to Andie the first time she awoke from a nightmare screaming.

Elisa is Andie's 4 year old, adoptive sister. Her Parents were killed when she was 2. Andie rescued the young girl when she could wield the Keyblade. She and Elisa share a bond like sisters, and Elisa only talks to the other Angels of the Heart. In some worlds, Andie claims that Elisa is her daughter to keep Elisa from being taken for not technically being related to her.


Elisa has what Andie calls "highlighter blond" hair, and blue eyes. Always has a green shirt with sleeves that go a little past her elbow, orange pants, and green Converse. She's always sucking on her thumb.


Elisa isn't a good fighter, and is under training of Andie so she can get better. Her lack of ability comes from magic. She can heal any member of the Angels of the Heart from anywhere, and her other magic takes form in powerful storms, but she can only do each cast of magic once.


"The death of my parents haunts me."

"Your daughter? We look nothing alike."

"I suck on my thumb because I can. I'm 4 remember?"

"That Xemnas is a meanie head!"

Battle Quotes
















"Peter Pan!"


"No... can't go on..."

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