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Helen Parr is a protagonist character in Kingdom Hearts Pixar.
Helen Parr Kingdom Hearts PIXAR
Elastigirl Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki
Name Helen Parr
Kana 殺し屋 ナサニエル

(Helijuu Parrii)

Type Superhero



Age ~24
Home World Golden Age








Attribute Flexible
Status Alive

She is the wife of Mr. Incredible and mother of Violet, Jack-Jack and Dash.

She is aligned with Sora in the Golden Age world based on Walt Disney Pixar's The Incredibles(2004).

She is of the legions of superheroes of mertropolis and possesses the incredible ability to expand all parts of her body and stretch to incredible lengths.

Journal Entries

  • First Entry

Helen Parr was the great female superhero Elastigirl during the glory days of Metropolis clearing many crimes, and attracting the affections of Mr. Incredible with her Flexibility.

She was among the Golden Age's most revered superheroes until the collapse of the great central bridge and rescue of Mr. Ashanickwi. She was forced into normal living along with incredible family over the course of 50 years.

She was flexible in "The Incredibles"(2004)

  • Second Entry

Helen Parr becomes Elastigirl again after returning from a strange visit with the costume mastermind Edna Mole whose mansion was swarmed by Unversed and in return for her rescue created a new set of immensley strong flaming red costumes to support them.

Sora, Donald and Goofy soon received their outfits as well due to Elastigirl's insistance and soon she led the heroes aboard a borrowed plane to the island where her husband is.

Elastigirl and our heroes were attacked however pre-flight by several dangerous heartless and a large missile forcing them to sea in order to reach the island.

Upon reaching shore and discovery of the hidden rocket cave Violet's regards towards her father ended with Helen's statement "Either he is in trouble or he's going to be" showing her anger 'to the dangers ahead.

She was flexible in "The Incredibles"(2004)

*Third Entry

Helen rescued Mr. Incredible and escaped alongside Sora, Donald, Goofy and her family back to the city in order to stop the Omnidroid Heartless launched by Syndrome.

She was Flexible" The Incredibles"(2004)

*Fourth Entry

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