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Edward VI

Édouard VI

Origin Original Character
Original Name Edward Henry John Thomas James of Lancastria

Archelonian: Édouard Henri Jean Thomas Jacques de Lancastria

Role Former King of Novara & Archelonia
Age 59 (at death)
Home World Saint-Illiers

United Kingdom of Novara & Archelonia

Family Richard IV (father)

Gertrude de Flanders (mother)
Jeanne Seymour (wife)
Henri IX (son)
Charles I of Plantagenia (son)

Weapon None
Status Deceased

Edward VI (Archelonian: Édouard VI or Édouard III of Archelonia), born Edward Henry John Thomas James of Lancastria (Archelonian: Édouard Henri Jean Thomas Jacques de Lancastria) was King of Novara & Archelonia from 186 to 136 BDC. Prior to his assention, he adopted the peerages of Prince of Cymru, Dauphin of Archelonia & Isère and Duke of Kernow. After the dissolution of Novara & Archelonia into its respective Kingdoms, he remained as Edward VI of Novara but was styled in the Archelonian numbering system as Edward III of Archelonia.

Edward VI succeeded his father, Richard IV at the age of nine. Until he reached the age of majority (16) by 179 BDC, the Dual Monarchy was ruled by his first cousin of illegitimate descent, Maurice de Sase as chief Regent of Novara-Archelonia. Cardinal Fréjus served as Edwards chief minister from 176 BDC until the Cardinal's death in 158 BDC, of which afterwards Edward assumed full control of the Kingdom.

Edward would fight a series of wars with the neighboring Kingdom of Bourgogne, both in their mainlands and in their colonies between 156 and 138 BDC. While the conflict saw a great deal of land in Acadia lost to Nouvelle Bourgogne (which set of later territorial disputes once their respective colonies in the Acadian sector became independent), they regained the mainland border region of Ardennia, and prevented Saint-Illiers from being caught under threat by Bourgogne.

Despite leading Novara & Archelonia to a great deal of success and reform, his death in 136 BDC was what led to the Novaran-Archelonian War of Succession between his twin sons.