Edward Elric
Edward Elric
Kana エドワード・エルリック
Romaji Edowādo Erurikku
Origin Fullmetal Alchemist
(Manga: 2001)
(Anime: 2003)
Alias Ed
Type Human
Role Ally
Age 16-18
Gender Male
Alignment State Alchemists
New Revengers
Home World Amestris
Other residences Risembool(birthplace)
Family Alphonse Elric (younger brother)
Trisha Elric (mother, deceased)
Van Hohenheim (father, deceased)
Winry Rockbell (fiancee, future wife)
Weapon Transmutable metal/stone objects
Attribute Alchemy
Status Alive
English Voice Vic Mignogna
Japanese Voice Romi Park
Edward Elric is the Fullmetal Alchemist.


It is unclear how and why exactly Ed came to Neo Asgard-III, but he has somehow regained his ability to use alchemy, and is trying to take down Empress Hazel incognito, at least until he meets Sora and becomes one of the New Revengers.


Ed might be immature at times and have a massive problem with controlling his temper when someone comments about his short stature, but he is also loyal, compassionate, and selfless to the point of going out his way to do anything he can to help those who are suffering.


  • "Who're you calling so small he could enter himself in a fire ant rodeo?!"
  • "Can a shorty do this?!"
  • Major Armstrong? What happened to your skin?! And what's with the beard?" - meeting Kratos for the first time.
  • "I have a name, you big lug: It's Edward!" - reacting to Kratos calling him "boy".
  • "Yeah. I'm like fire, and you're like water."


  • His interactions with Kratos mostly pay homage to his relationship with Alex Louise Armstrong.
  • Ed is also being considered to appear as a guest fighter in a potential fighting game based on another of GokaiWhite's stories, Bionic Fantasy.

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