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Original Name Final Fantasy IV
Type Human
Role Secret Character
Home World Baron
Weapon Harps, Song
Status Alive

Edward is a character from Final Fantasy IV, and in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening, is a secret ally.



Kingdom Hearts: Awakening

Edward has almost no impact on the story, but can only be recruited in Laharl's story, after Allen goes to the Land of Dreams.



Edward is a very cowardly character. He does not enjoy fighting. However, he feels very passionate about his love.


Edward is a secret character. During the siege of Baron, Allen will meet a girl named Anna who will fall in battle. She will ask you to give her lover her pendant if you talk to her. Before going to the plains, Allen should go to the castle and give the pendant to Laharl.

Once Allen is transported away and before Laharl leaves Baron, inding Edward and giving him the pendant will cause him to follow you and strengthen himself, and will become an ally. He even follows you off of Baron, and can be chosen when to fight or not.

Powers and Abilities


Edward can use his harp to cause much unorthodox damage to enemies; causing them to fall asleep, charming them against their allies, amongst others.


  • Anna... I will be strong, for you!

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