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Origin GinTama
Stories Kingdom Hearts: Awakening
Theme Music Old Men With Creepy Mustaches Are Probably Pedophiles
Battle Music Business Transactions Should Always Come Before A Fight
Party Member Gintoki Sakata

Edo is a world appearing in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening and is originally from the Gin Tama anime/manga.


Edo is primarily a version of Japan. However, it isn't modern Japan; more like the 1880's. In the GinTama timeline, aliens named Amanto have invaded peacefully and introduced futuristic technology, creating a mesh of samurai period Japan and modern day Japan.

Yorozuya Headquarters

The primary player hub of the world, this is where the Yorozuya hang out. It has architecture similar to 19th century Japan, and the inside only has one floor, above the restaurant of the landlord. Save points and healing places can be found here.

City Streets

The main part of Edo, this is where most enemies can be found. On the city streets are Amanto and humans alike, and it is a bustling, crowded metropolis. Many shops can be located here.

Shinsengumi Headquarters

The main headquarters of the police-like Shinsengumi, this is where they congregate. Many members can be fought for fun here, and it is a dojo-like palace.


Fleeing Destiny

After being banished from the Land of Departure, Lexaln Siurt and his comrades Dante Saxon, Occidere Way, and Ceodore Harvey travel to Edo for refuge. After being attacked by the Shinsengumi for causing a commotion, they are saved by Gintoki Sakata and brought to the Yorozuya headquarters.

Here they meet fellow Yorozuya-ers Shinpachi Shimura, Kagura, and Sadaharu, and decide to rest and recover with the group for a while. Not long after they are back in action, the Shinsengumi find them again, and the groups are engaged in battle once again. Partway into the battle, a swarm of Heartless attack the giant Terminal, and begin to overrun the city. The two former enemies join together to vanquish the threat, and the Heartless and defeated after a long and hard battle. Blamed for the infrastructure damage and realizing the Heartless are following him, Lexaln and his allies flee Edo and move to Hyrule.






Old Men with Creepy Mustaches Are Probably Pedophiles
Business Transactions Should Always Come Before A Fight


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