Edd 174x52.png
Origin Ed,Edd n' Eddy
Original Name Edd
Alias Double Dee,Sockhead (by Eddy)
Type Human
Home World Peach Creek
Family Unnamed Parents
Weapon Elemental Ruler

Edd is a young inventor, hard studier,a neat freak,the smartest kid in all the cul-de-sac and the most intelligent and well-behaved of the Eds.Edd is the deurteragonist in Kingdom EDs where he takes over the role of Donald Duck.He wears a trademark sock-like black ski hat all the time, used to hide a mystery which is never revealed at all. As such, he never takes it off except for when necessary.He is usually called "Double Dee",from his name having two D's, and to differentiate him and not to mix him up with Ed as confusion.


Of the three Eds, he is the most respected and most liked by others due to his harmless nature, love of peace and order, and his commitment to doing the right thing. Even Kevin at times can be respectful towards him when it's convenient. The other kids usually come to him for help and advice, or if they need something fixed. He also does a lot of research on his own, and when he isn't with Eddy and Ed, the others often invite him to do things with them and become friendly. However, being an active part in Eddy's schemes, he is usually punished alongside his friends as a result, and sometimes his intellectual, nitpicky nature can wear on the nerves of the others.

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