Empire of the Great Eastern Cloud

大東方雲帝國 (Standard Xianese)
Dà dōngfāng yún dìguó (Transliteration)

Origin Original Nation
Capital Xi'an
Demonym Easterner, Xianese
Head of State Youzhi (Emperor of the Great Eastern Cloud)
Head of Government Youzhi (Emperor of the Great Eastern Cloud)
Government Absolute Monarchy
Official Language Standard Xianese (Standard Chinese)
Other Languages Other Languages
Formation Established around 32000 BDC

Current Dynasty Established 1283 BDC

Stories Kingdom Hearts: The Unsung War Trilogy


Theme Music Gao Shan Liu Shui

The Empire of the Great Eastern Cloud is a nation seen in Kingdom Hearts: The Unsung War Trilogy. A powerful Empire controlling the center of the Realm of Light, many commentators believe it to be a potential third superpower besides the Union of the Realm of Light and the Umbra (UW) . It is the Realms  most populous country  (as of 109 DC, it's population stands at 4.2 trillion, compared to the Realm of Light's 3.2 trillion).

The Eastern Cloud Empire, like the Realm of Light is one of the oldest nation states in existence, and has been ruled contiguously by the Fuu Dynasty for over a millenia. 


The Unification War

The Empire of the Great Eastern Cloud was established around 32000 BDC when the now-deified Emperor Jin Zhen.

List of Eastern Cloud Emperors under the Fuu Dynasty

Hongxian Emperor (Fuu Shikai): 0-15 DC

Baocen Emperor (Fuu Kewen): 15-30 DC

Guian Emperor (Fuu Kequan): 30-40 DC

Yuntai Emperor (Fuu Keding): 30-57 DC

Junzhi Emperor (Fuu Shuxian) 57-93 DC

Youzhi Emperor (Fuu Zaifeng): 93 DC-Present

Heiress Apparent: Fuu Chao Rin

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