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Earth Shaker
(アースシェイカー Āsu Sheikā)
"A Keyblade born from the earth. Useful for breaking apart large boulders and enemies."
Strength Magic
+6 +2
Nathaniel Koroshiya
Critical Impact
Clear Spiral Canyon.

Earth Shaker is a Keyblade wielded by Nathaniel Koroshiya in Kingdom Hearts: Arcana. It is obtained after clearing Spiral Canyon in Nathaniel's story. It is later wielded by Terra in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep; however, following the events of Birth by Sleep, possession of the Earth Shaker reverts to Nathaniel.


The shaft of Earth Shaker has a dark brown color with a certain texture, with brass edges. The teeth are made of two pick-like points, with two hammer-like protrusions on the opposite side. The guard is an off-blue color, and seems to be crafted from two Omega insignias (Ω). The pommel is a dark blue drill-like cone. The Keychain token is a reddish rock fragment with brass armor-like plating.

The Keyblade's name and Keychain refect Terra's name, which means "earth" in Latin. Its name is also shared with one of Simba's abilities.


Earth Shaker's ability, Critical Impact (クリティカルインパクト, Kuritikaru Inpakuto), increases the strength behind the combo finisher. It is named after one of Terra's Command Styles.

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