Earth Map
Origin Various sources
Stories Superhero Keyblade Wars
Theme Music N/A
Battle Music The Decisive Battle (from "Final Fantasy VI")
Those Who Fight Further (from "Final Fantasy VII")
Force Your Way (from "Final Fantasy VIII")
Party Member Marvel Heroes
Capcom Heroes
Toei Heroes
Earth(-8702) (地球-8702, Chikyū - 8702) is a blue planet in the Solar System in the Milky Way, the third in position away from it's Sun, and home to the human race and many animals, plants, and other lifeforms. A major site in many great battles between good and evil, many of the Marvel Superheroes, Capcom Heroes, Super Sentai, Kamen Riders, and Metal Heroes co-exist in this fictionalized version of Earth, and as such, conquering the planet and exterminating it's heroes is one of Demonizer's top priorities. Sora is dragged to Earth after the empire had conquered Destiny Islands, and it is where his quest to rid the universe of Demonizer, by making alliances with many legendary heroes, begins.


  • The number designation, while not used in context, is assigned in keeping with Marvel's naming conventions for various alternate continuities/timelines/universes. For example, Earth-616 belongs to the original and primary iteration of the Marvel Multiverse, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe's version is called Earth-199999.
  • The -8702 suffix is a reference to the release years of the first Final Fantasy(1987) and the first Kingdom Hearts(2002).

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