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E-123 Omega is a powerful, weapons-ready robot created by Dr. Eggman for the sole purpose of advancing his armies. However, as since he as been abandoned, E-123 Omega has a hatred for his "master," and thus he follows the paths of Shadow and Rouge in his missions.


E-123 Omega has only one form in Sonic's Reality Check.

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E-123 Omega is as exactly as a robot should be: cold, calculating, and without true emotion. However, the fighting robot has the sentinence to discern good against evil, allowing him to oversee ruses made by most villains in SRC. E-123 Omega also shows a strong likeness to his friends Shadow and Rouge, often aiding them in missions or assignments during SRC.

E-123 Omega's Role

Pre-SRC Appearance

Before Omega appeared in SRC, he apparently had been searching throughout Mobius for Eggman, Shadow, and Rouge.

First Appearance

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Relations To Other Characters


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  • E-123 Omega is the only fully robotic character in SRC who is a good guy, unlike the other two fully robot characters.

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