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Type Human
Role Apprentice of the Order of the Key
Age 14-15 (real age unknown)
Home World Radiant Gardens
Weapon "Two Across" Keyblade
Attribute Time

Dreizehn is an enigmatic member of the Order of the Key in Kingdom Hearts: Enigma Pacman. He suffers from amnesia, and does not recall anything from more than one year ago, when Omicron found him an his Keyblade in a street corner in Radiant Gardens. He seems to be able to use the force of Nothing.


Dreizehn was found in a street corner by Omicron when the Keyblade master returned from the Enchanted Dominion. He nursed him back to health with the help of the healer Madredea, but they were unable to restore his lost memories. He could not even remember his own name, so he adopted the name Madredea gave him. Since he was also a Keybearer, he was taught how to use it aong the other Apprentices. He does not quite "get" people, getting annoyed quite easily and often behaving rather odd and keeping to himself most of the time. His only friend is his partner Laykah, who helps to cheer him up.


Guard: Reflects enemy attacks.

Zig-Zag-Attack: Dreizehn zigzags from left to right and back, slashing an enemy.

Light Hit: Dreizehn only uses one hand to fight with his Keblade, making him quicker but also weakening his attacks a little bit.

Thorns of Naught: Hurls black thorned energy vines at enemies (finisher).

Meeting Ground: Hits the ground with force, causeing shockwaves that stun enemies (air combo finisher).

Combo Plus: (x3) adds one hit to every combo.

Event Skyline (Limit Break): Dreizehn hurls multiple red energy bullets at enemies and finishes with a powerful shockwave.

Memoria-Form Abilities:

Stop Impact: If an enemy is hit by an attack, it's also hit with Stopga, causing it to freeze in time.

X-Slash: Dreizehn cross-slashes an enemy repeatedly (second hit).

Nuclear Stopga: executes a nuke-like attack that freezes all enemies for a period of time (finisher).

Combo Plus: (x4) adds one hit to every combo.

No Refunds: Cannot pick up HP orbs.


"Hmph!" (Guard, Attack and every hit of Limit Break except the finisher)

"BREAK YOU!" (finisher)

"VANISH!" (air combo finisher)

"Meet your doom..." (Limit Break finisher)

"Stop it!" (Stop Impact hit)

"Get off!" (X-Slash)

"OBLITERATE!" (Nuclear Stopga)

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