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Dreamer's Rose
(バラ ノ ムソーカ Bara no Musouka)
Dreamers Rose V2
"A Keyblade that shows the duality of the Heart. It can be wielded from either end."
Strength Magic
+4 +4
Anthony DiNotte, Lily Marina, and Alexis LaReine
Cure Boost / Poison Strike
Finish Enchanted Dominion
The Dreamer's Rose Keyblade is one of the many Keyblades that can be obtained in Kingdom Hearts: Shadows of Eternity. It can be wielded from either end, which changes its ability.


The Dreamer's Rose is made of two twisting vines growing on a support rod. One vine is healthy and green, while the other is black and covered in thorns. The traditionally-situated hilt and crossguard are three separated bits, one being the end of the support rod and the others being the ends of the vines. The other hilt and crossguard are at the other end; while the hilt is still the support rod, the crossguard is now a heart made from the curling vines. The vine also sprouts flowers at this end.


While using the traditional handle, the ability of the Dreamer's Rose is Cure Boost, which makes Cure-based magic more potent. Contrary-wise, in using the heart-shaped end, the ability becomes Poison Strike, which has a 1 in 3 chance of inflicting Poison on the target of your physical attacks.

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