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Dragon Ranger / Classic Green Ranger
Dragon Ranger ~ Green Ranger.jpg
Origin Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger (1992)
Alias Burai
Type Human
Role Hero, formerly anti-villain
Gender Male
Alignment Zyurangers
Home World Hall of Heroes
Other residences Earth
Family Geki/ TyrannoRanger (Brother), Dragon Caesar (Guardian Beast)
Weapon Zyusouken
Status Deceased
English Voice Brad Hawkins
Jason David Frank (some episodes)
Japanese Voice Shiro Izumi

Burai/ Dragon Ranger is the Sixth Ranger of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger. He is from the same tribe as his brother Geki, and his jealousy put him at odds with the Zyurangers, due in part to an altercation between him and Geki's father and their tribe's leader, until Geki was finally able to get through to him.


Although he died a long time ago during a freak earthquake while he was in stasis, Burai was temporarily revived at DaiZyuJin's request, and now he has resurfaced once more during as the Shin Avengers uncover the truth behind Black Condor's death. He joins the Avengers Sentai Alliance in the Battle of Starktopia 01, using Dragon Caesar to help V-Rex, KillerOh, PteraidenOh, and GoZyuJin fight and destroy the Black Dragonzord, and then fought Iron Majin and Lord Drakkon with the Zyurangers and Avengers. After Mugen DaiZyuJin destroys the real Iron Majin, Burai went back to rest in the Hall of Heroes.


Burai was once filled with hatred for his brother, largely because he needed to hold someone accountable for the death of their biological father, the Yamato Tribe's Black Knight[1]. He eventually made amends with Geki, however, and now fights for justice with the other Zyurangers[2].

Burai is somehow also aware of Lord Drakkon prior to the Super Infinity War, and due to the villain's connection to Iron Majin, sees the same hatred in Tony Stark that once corrupted Burai himself.


  • "Drakkon! Open your eyes. You're being used by that conniving scumbag Stark!"[3]
  • "Stark! You're not the only one who's been corrupted by hate!"
  • "Soul of the Dragon!"[4] - performing his team attack with Kou

Musical Theme

Dragon Ranger's theme is a remake of "Go Green Ranger, Go!".


  • Both Burai and Kou's motion captures were performed by Jason David Frank, who played the Ranger who initially used both their powers.
  • The Battle of Starktopia 01 marks the first time Burai and Kou directly interact with one another.
  • His quote to Drakkon about the latter being used by Tony Stark, who in turn is being used by Iron Majin, is lifted from the Sega Genesis port of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, during the end of it's rendition of the "Green with Evil" storyline.[3]
  • The name of his Hyper Combo Attack is borrowed from the Power Rangers graphic novel featuring his counterpart Tommy[4].