Sure, I sense Dragon Hunter's prescence, but I can't see anything!
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Dragon Hunter
(ドラゴンハンター Doragon hantā)
"A blade made from the hardest of metals to slay the fiercest of Dragons."
Strength Magic
15 13
Lyndwyrm - Summon a powerful Dragon to deal massive damage
Equip Lind with Mysterious Blade in Multi-Player

Dragon Hunter is Lind's Ultimate weapon in Kingdom Hearts: Shattered and it can only be obtained by equiping her with the Mysterious Blade in Multi-Player.


Dragon Hunter has a large and wide straight double edged blade with the edges being made of Adamantite. As with all of Lind's Mechswords there are grooves that allow the edges of the blade to seperate from the main blade, and a slot near the tip that allows projectiles to be fired. It lacks a hand guard, instead the blade itself acts as a hand guard due to how wide it is, and the handle is just large enough so it can be wielded with two hands if necessary.


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