Dragon Caesar / Dragonzord
Origin Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger (1992)
Alias Dragonzord
Type Robot / Guardian Beast
Role Summon
Home World Earth
Family Dragon Ranger (Master)
Weapon Drill Tail, Finger Missiles
Status Alive
Dragon Caesar is the Guardian Beast of Dragon Ranger, who summons him with the Zyusouken.
Dragon Caesar ~ Dragonzord


  • GoRyuJin- Dragon Caesar's combination with ZyuMammoth, Triceratops, and SaberTiger. Uses Dragon Caesar's tail as a giant drill staff to pierce through giant enemies.
  • Zyutei DaiZyuJin- DaiZyuJin's combination with Dragon Caesar and penultimate form.
  • Ultimate DaiZyuJin- DaiZyuJin's combination with DragonCaesar and King Brachion, and his ultimate form.

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