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Sirus Kaiser
Type Human?
Role Antagonist
Weapon Thunderous Bane (Axe)
Neos Dracowing (Lightsword)
Attribute Lightning


The Drachen Kaiser (real name Sirus Kaiser) is a ruthless monster hailing from an as-yet undisclosed world. He became known as the Drachen Kaiser when Maleficent imbued him with dark power, with the intent of enabling him to summon Heartless. For an unknown reason, however, he gained the ability to summon dragons instead.

His motives are known only to himself, but his methodology is horribly effective: he is known to butcher his enemies relentlessly, is a master of countless forms of magic (forgotten and forbidden), and can summon terrible beasts of great power to do his bidding. He seems to be working alongside Lord Kami and Xelot for some reason.

His first appearance in Kingdom Hearts Legacy is when he fights Saule in a struggle tournament and loses. Laughing at the younger man, the Kaiser (whose identity is not yet revealed) says, "Struggling is for amateurs. See me once you've become a true swordsman and we'll have a real match." His reasons for participating in the first place are unknown, though he possibly intended to scout out a possible challenge.

His activities beyond this point are shrouded in mystery.

Fighting Style

The Drachen Kaiser is a master of several forms of magic: Fire, Lightning, Earth, and Darkness, and can perform the most powerful spells of each element, many of which are ancient/forgotten, forbidden, or both. Examples include Terra Force (also called Megiddo), Firaja, Judgement Bolt, Thundaja, Meteor, Gigaquake, Shadow Meteor, and Apocalypse.

His primary weapon is an enormous double-bladed axe which channels his main element, Lightning, and is appropriately called Thunderous Bane. While one would expect the Kaiser to be rather slow with such a massive weapon (the blades together are as wide as his shoulders are broad), but he instead commands not only truly monstrous strength, but also terrifying speed. It has been said that the Drachen Kaiser is among the most powerful entities in the Kingdom Hearts Legacy universe, and that he has never been defeated in a one-on-one battle.

He also uses a fusion "lightsword" known as Neos Dracowing, which trades the raw power of his axe for blinding speed. Neos Dracowing is only refers to the complete version; the entire set is called Dracowing.

See Drachen Kaiser/Abilities.


Drachen is German for "Dragon", and "Kaiser" is the German form of "Emperor", "Ceasar", or "Czar". Therefore, Drachen Kaiser translates roughly into "Dragon Emperor/Dragon Lord".

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