Dr. Octopus
Dr. Octopus
Origin Amazing Spider-Man #3 (July, 1963)
Alias Otto Octavius, Doc Ock
Type Human
Role Villain
Home World Earth
Other residences New York
Weapon Mechanical Arms
Status Alive
English Voice Dee Bradley Baker
Dr. Octopus was once a well-respected scientist, but now he is an enemy of Spider Man and the first one to defeat him.


Aside from his genius-level intellect, Doc Ock possesses four mechanical tentacles attached to his back, and now has his own mecha called the Tentacle Trapper.


  • In battle, Doc Ock uses some of the same attacks as Launch Octopus in Mega Man X.
  • The Tentacle Trapper originated as a LEGO building set, no.# 76059.
Tentacle Trapper

Tentacle Trapper

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