Dr. Light
Kana トーマス・ライト博士
Romaji Tōmasu Raito Hakase
Origin Mega Man (1987)
Alias Dr. Wright, Dr. Right
Type Computer program, formerly human
Role Ally
Home World Earth
Family Mega Man, Roll, Proto Man, and Mega Man X (creations)
Status Deceased(physically)
English Voice Randall Wiebe
Japanese Voice Shozo Izuka
Dr. Thomas Light is the famed scientist who designed and built Mega Man and Mega Man X, and thus acts as a father figure to them. Though he tragically died sometime after completing X and putting him through his reliability testing, Dr. Light still "exists" as a holographic "spirit" that guides X in his endeavors to make peaceful coexistence between robots and humans possible. He provided X with special armors, and recently developed a new Keyblade for Sora to harness Mega Man's Greater Power, as well as Ranger Keys for the Gokaigers to change into his original 6 robot masters from the first Mega Man game.
Dr. Light

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