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Sure, I sense Dr. Eggman (SRC)'s prescence, but I can't see anything!
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—Dr. Eggman's catchphrase

Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik is a major antagonist in SRC. He tends to act like he owns everything, and he enforces that self-imposed philosphy with his legions of robots. However, despite his robotic legions, he always seems to lose to Sonic and his friends thanks to their constant collecting of the Chaos Emeralds.

He is a minor antagonist is the first season of SRC, but a main antagonist afterwards.


Dr. Eggman has one outfit in Sonic's Reality Check.

  • Red jacket, adorned with golden buttons and black straps
  • Black pants
  • A pair of green-tinted goggles on his head
  • Blue spectacles on over his eyes.


Dr. Eggman is cruel, conniving, and generally a mean person to be around. He wants to defeat Sonic once and for all and rule Sonic's world with an iron fist. He will do almost everything to achieve his goals, but he is above killing people to reach his dreams.

Dr. Eggman's Role

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  • Dr. Eggman has an IQ of 300, making his intellect of machinery equal to the young Tails.
  • Despite Eggman not appearing until Chapter 28, Knuckles breaks the 4th wall of the series by asking Nick why Eggman had just passed by (in truth, his AoStH counterpart had passed by as part of a joke; Knuckles acknowledging this is breaking the 4th wall in itself).
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