Origin Shrek (2001)
Alias Gabby (supposed real name)
Type Donkey (duh!)
Role Ally
Gender Male
Home World Far Far Away
Family Fletcher (mother)
Dragon (wife)
Dronkeys (children)
Status Alive
English Voice Eddie Murphy

Donkey is an extremely talkative, but good friend of Shrek.


Donkey is a real chatterbox, usually to Shrek's annoyance. He also likes waffles and parfaits.


  • Sora initially mistakes Donkey for Mushu having been trapped in a donkey's body, due to them both being voiced by Eddie Murphy or Mark Mosely.
  • Most of Donkey's kind/relatives are also voiced by Eddie Murphy/Mark Mosely, in homage to Murphy's multiple performances in The Nutty Professor and it's sequel.
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