Donald Duck
KH Donald 2013.png
Kana ドナルド ダック (Donarudo Dakku)
Alias Donald, Uncle Donald, Wizard of the Royal Court
Type Duck
Role Ally
Court Wizard
Age Unknown
Home World Disney Castle
Family Daisy Duck (girlfriend)
Huey, Dewey and Louie (nephews)
Scrooge McDuck (uncle)
Ludwig Von Drake (uncle)
Gideon McDuck (uncle)
Rumpus McFowl (uncle)
Gus Goose (cousin)
Gladstone Gander (cousin)
Fethry Duck (cousin)
Moby Duck (cousin)
Della Duck (sister)
Grandma Duck (grandmother)
Grandpa Duck (grandfather)
Quackmore Duck (father)
Hortense McDuck (mother)
Unnamed son
Weapon Staff (Magus)
Attribute Light (光, Hikari)
Status Alive

Donald Duck is a fictional character from Walt Disney Productions.

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